People living with HIV/AIDS share their stories with you :


Many of the vibrant testimonials below are in French. English-language testimonials are highlighted in orange. To learn more about this project click on the tab ABOUT.

  • A+. 2011. « J’te le dis, J’te le dis pas … » (Magazine article) [Written by the author]. L’Injecteur, mai, p. 8.

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  • André. 2012. « Starting HIV Treatment: André’s Story ». (Web page and video) [Interview with the author]. CATIE.

    Bruno. 2012. « Pour que chacun prenne sa place ». (Web page and video) [Testimonial by a spokesperson]. Je suis séropositif. COCQ-SIDA (Awareness campaign).

    Bureau local d’intervention traitant du Sida (BLITS). 2007. Hommage à la vie. (DVD) [Interviews with four individuals]. Victoriaville : en collaboration avec Les Productions Benoit Jean, 30 min.

    Kerrigan. 2012. « Starting HIV Treatment: Kerrigan’s Story ». (Web page and video) [Interview with the author]. CATIE.

    MIELS-Québec. 2013. VIH et résilience (Video) [Interviews with four individuals: Raymond, Jeannine, Marie and Luc], 6 min.

    Mouvement d’aide et d’information Sida [M.A.IN.S.] Bas Saint-Laurent. 2006. Moments de VIH (video) [Interviews with people living with HIV/AIDS]. Rimouski, 16 min. Video available on DVD (French only), for more information contact Jean-François Babin at 418-722-7432.
    An excerpt of this video is included in the VIHsibilité (2000-2012) compilation.

  • Beaudoin, André-Pierre. 2013. « Vivre avec le VIH depuis 30 ans » (Magazine article) [Person’s profile by the journalist Karina Osiecka]. La Frontière , 27 novembre.

    Bruno et Emelyne. 2012. « On peut vivre avec le VIH/sida et être un citoyen à part entière » (Magazine article) [Based on an interview with the journalist Ève Lévesque, as part of the campaign Je suis sépositif]. Journal de Montréal , 29 novembre.

  • Bernard. 2013. « Témoignage sur le SIDA avec Bernard, porteur du VIH » (Video) [From a series of videos posted alongside the full episode]. 30 secondes pour changer le monde, Épisode 1, « Le SIDA » (TV show). Télé-Québec.

    Bruno. 2012. « Je suis séropo » (Radio program) [Interview with the journalist Catherine Perrin as part of the campaign Je suis séropositif]. Médium large, 11 décembre. Radio-Canada

  • Duke, Alison. 2012. Positive Women: Exposing Injustice. (Documentary) [Interview with seropositive women]. Toronto : Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network & Goldëlox Productions, 45 min.

    Duke, Alison. 2008. The Woman I Have Become. (Documentary) [Interview with seropositive women] Toronto : Women’s Health in Women’s Hands / Goldëlox Productions, 60 min. An excerpt of this video is included in the VIHsibilité (2000-2012) compilation.

    Testimonial Cultures project. 2013. VIHsibilité (2000-2012) compilation (DVD) [Features testimonials by people living with HIV/AIDS from Quebec and Canadian productions between 2000 and 2012]. Institut de recherches et d’études féministes (IREF), Université du Québec à Montréal. Features excerpts in French and English, with subtitles in both languages. To receive a copy, please complete and submit this order form.

    Excerpts included in the compilation :

Partnership to assess the impact of testimonials by people living with HIV/AIDS is a community-based research project led by Ken Monteith (COCQ-SIDA) and Maria Nengeh Mensah (UQAM) with funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the CIHR Centre for REACH in HIV/AIDS (REACH 2.0). The project brings together people who have given public testimonials about their experiences; researchers from UQAM, Concordia, and the OHTN; as well as a number of community partners: GRIS-Montréal, BLITS, GAP-VIES, MIELS-Québec, MAINS Bas St-Laurent, STELLA and AQPSUD.

Members of the project’s working committee reviewed a wide range of testimonials in order to develop an evaluation tool that could be used to assess their impact. During discussions held in 2014 and 2015, the committee decided to compile a list of thirty testimonials that they found to be particularly striking or inspiring and to make this one-of-a-kind list available to others as a tool for raising awareness. All individuals whose testimonials were included on the list were contacted in advance to obtain their permission.

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